I'm a Software Developer who lives in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC. My goal is to produce simple usable quality products that fits into your needs, using Open Standards and Open Source tools that costs nothing to use.

Because the Web is a big jungle, applications will be develop to support the long variety of browsers used out there (at least the popular ones), squeezing out the best from the new ones, and making it work nice on the old ones.

Agile practices for software development will be used to develop the projects, so feedback and code quality is a main concern (code quality left behind will be a no-no). With the use of agile practices, you will be more in control on the development process of your project, and at the same time, you will have a more understandable and reliable code base that can be easily taken by other developers that might join in the future.

The Details

So, do you want to know more about me? Well, I'm a Ruby evangelist who embraces the use of Open Standards for Web development, and at the same time, a committed developer to the Open Source community trying to make some difference in the world.

Starting in 2002 with studies at the Computer Science branch in Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela), I began to get passionate about algorithms, operative systems and high level problems. From that point on, the commitment to knew as much as possible from this branch got bigger.

In 2004, a half-time course was added to the goal list, studying by the hand of IBM on the "Training for development of e-Business applications" course. After the accomplishment of finishing the course with IBM in 2005, it was time to start to develop software at a professional level, working at some places inside the university, and later, on different companies, such as Terabrain Communications, and has_many :developers, developing first-class applications for clients world-wide.

Between 2004 and 2007, with the help of very talented friends of the team Guayoyo, I started to compete on the ACM ICPC. After a lot of effort and perseverance, Guayoyo won several prices on regional competitions, achieving a spot in San Antonio, Texas (2006) and in Tokyo, Japan (2007) for the ACM ICPC World Finals. Guayoyo was one of the 83 teams that achieve this, from a field of 6,000 teams competing at 198 sites worldwide and representing 1,700 universities from 84 countries.

After graduating in July 2008, I moved to Vancouver BC, eager to learn and to use my experience in new projects.

The Tools

As you may know, the Web has a lot of options for tools of development, some of them are free, some others are not that free. In our case, we will be working with high quality Open Source technologies, highly used in the Web today.

Starting with the Client based technologies, you can choose:

On the server side, you can choose:

If you believe that easy spreading of your app is the way to go, you probably want to consider using services like OpenID or Facebook Connect, to make your app more reachable to your users.

In case you are wondering, this page was made with some custom scripts using Mootools, and the webapp framework of the Google App Engine :-).

The War Stories Log


  • Noomii

    Noomii is an interactive web-based life management system that enables any two people to life coach each other. Noomii develops technologies that uniquely facilitate the coaching experience through technology and human accountability.

    Developed with: Noomii Inc.

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, jQuery

    Role: Test/Product Developer

  • SugarStats

    SugarStats is a tracking application for diabetic people. It makes it simple to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online. It manage several statistics and trends for a day to day registry of the sugar levels, integrates with services like Twitter, and manage authentication via OpenID.

    Developed with: has_many :developers

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, Prototype

    Role: Lead Developer

  • MusiqBase

    The goal of MusiqBase is to provide information about different concerts and artists in the music school branch. It provides videos, thoughts and music from different music schools across the United States. To do this, this page uses location lookup services with Google Maps, and media streaming services for video and music.

    Developed with: has_many :developers

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, Prototype, Google Maps, Blueprint

    Role: Lead Developer

  • Greenwala

    Greenwala is a social network focused on connect and unite people who are committed to living in a sustainable lifestyle with brands that align with their values. Most of the development done in this site was for adding different kinds of authentication to the system, the first one with OpenID authentication, and the second with Facebook Connect.

    Developed with: has_many :developers and Integral Impressions

    Tools: Merb, Facebook JS, jQuery

    Role: Developer

  • WeddingBook

    This site allows any type of local wedding vendor (from florists to reception sites to photographers and more) to participate in its growing directory providing couples free, unbiased access to tens of thousands local wedding businesses. I did a partial development of some sections of the page, such as reviews implementations and e-mail notification messages.

    Developed with: has_many :developers and Highgroove Studios

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, Prototype

    Role: Developer

  • iBridge

    iBridge is a social network which main purpose is to communicate the different ideas and innovations in different fields on the science branch, by communicating researchers and organizations in a really convenient way. I did a partial development on this site, implementing some sort of "news feed" feature (like the Facebook one).

    Developed with: has_many :developers and Highgroove Studios

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, Prototype

    Role: Developer

Open Source

  • Walruz

    Walruz is a powerful yet simple authorization framework; it is a Ruby API that provides a basic DSL to and merge simple authorization policies, represented as Ruby classes.

    Tools: Ruby

    Role: Main Author

  • warden_oauth

    warden_oauth is a gem that extends the Warden authentication framework, it enables an easy integration with OAuth providers like Twitter.

    Tools: Ruby, Rack

    Role: Main Author

  • merb_cucumber

    merb_cucumber is a plugin gem for the Merb framework, it enables an easy integration between the Cucumber test platform and the development of Merb's components. Cucumber lets software development teams describe how software should behave in plain text. The text is written in a business-readable domain-specific language and serves as documentation, automated tests and development-aid - all rolled into one format.

    Role: Co-Author

  • rots (Ruby OpenID Test Server)

    rots is a ruby gem that allows easy testing for OpenID consumer implementations. This gem offers a dummy OpenID server that can receive different flags to reply with a successful (or unsuccessful) response, allowing the easy implementation of different test case scenarios without the need to mock the ruby-openid gem all over the way. This server was implemented with the Rack middleware for easy spread.

    Tools: Ruby, Rack

    Role: Main Author

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